What is Negative Seo

negative-seoWhat is Negative SEO?

What is negative SEO and its major effect on website ranking? Negative SEO is a very controversial topic. It is the practice of negatively affecting the rankings over competitor’s website by building thousands of the most unnatural links that are ruining the website authority in Google and potentially ruining the traffic and ranking.

The strategy at the back of negative SEO basically involved doing negative things rather than positive ones to put down a website that bump up your own website rankings. Furthermore, it may be a number of tactics that some site owners, internet marketers or webmasters implement such as negative or illegal things to rank down someone’s website. There are several SEO services that companies offer in order to combat these negative search engine tactics, but you can take important measures to diminish it’s effects.

What are the different tactics involved in negative SEO?

In this type of SEO processes, people are using tactics such as paid link report, spamming links using the keywords, pointing porn links, buying excessive links, scraping and duplicating content, 301 banned domains, blocking certain sites, bad metrics usage, emailing powerful backlinks and ask them to change the link and DDOS or Distributed Denial of Service server attack to overwhelm a website with traffic from several sources. All of these tactics are most likely effective for new websites.

negative-seo-1What are the consequences?

The short term consequences of negative SEO are dramatic decrease in your rankings. The long term ramifications are much more serious and if you find yourself not distinguishing the negative SEO early enough and Google catches it before you do, then the long term consequences can be quite dramatic. You can lose most of your rankings, your website authority and the extreme circumstances if you hit by an algorithm update, you can absolutely lose your online business, the worst case scenario is starting all over again.

How to distinguish if you are a victim?

If you’ve been a victim of negative SEO, how would you know it? The most obvious a dramatic increase in the number of low quality links going to your website. Unfortunately, most businesses will not realize what is going on until the ranking start to tank and traffic stop to take race.

How to get rid of negative SEO?

There are a number of factors that search engine look at in ranking websites and one of those tends to be the quality of your backlinks or the anchor text link used with the relevance of the sites that point to you and so on. In addition, there have been a lot of reports for people who are taking advantage of that and building backlinks to their competitor’s sites.

There are certain steps you can do whether or not you got a penalty and also ways to prevent your site from getting a penalty. If your business has been a victim, what would you do about it? Unfortunately, it’s very hard for individual businesses to manage these negative SEO attacks. It’s quite a lot of effort, a lot of time and a lot of work to monitor the number of quality backlinks coming to your website.Florida-Web-Design-Negative-SEO

Here we’ve listed some of the efficient ways to recover from negative SEO;

  1. But the first thing you need to really consider is, do you need to keep the exact domain you have? Is your domain like a very well known brand name that lots of people know that name? If that’s the case, then you got to think about how badly you really have to use it. Otherwise, get a domain name that was close to that name because one of the fastest ways to fix this particular problem is to 301 redirect from a page level to a new domain so the 301 redirecting each page on the website to a new domain to the new page. Often that alone will solve your problem.
  2. Another way to recover from this problem is by obtaining a reliable service, consulting an SEO expert or utilizing automated tools to manage this problem for you. They help to make it actually easy for you to handle, reduce the workload and easily submit those negative links to Google.
  3. Use the disavow tool. There is a program called Google Webmaster tools that Google set up and allows you to tell the search engines to ignore these links that are pointing to your site. However, if it comes along with what’s called a manual penalty, then it’s a much longer and much more complicated procedure. It is very important to disavow every single bad link and hire a company who’s willing to do hundreds of hours of groundwork to contact all of those websites manually and ask for links to be removed. It may be a tedious work to get it done but it can be done and definitely worth your time and effort.
  4. Some businesses buy backlinks from internet marketing companies to recover from this. Those backlinks give the ability for website owners to take control of their backlink profile and power up what are known as tier 2 or tier 3 web 2.0 sites. Pushing a lot of links out to a number of websites currently point to you is a great way to energize links into pass that link juice through to your main site.
  5. Start attracting new good links and just start doing everything that you always such as writing unique and interesting content, building partnership with other blog/site owners and just let that overtake the negativity.

Negative-SEO-ServicesOnce you’ve finished the clean up for your website from bad links, fill your website with fresh and relevant content and build quality backlinks. Then go back to Google and do a resubmission request. Ask them to actually look at your website and if it’s been done well including the backlink profiles, cleaned up properly, got some new content on your site, done some truly valuable posts out there in the market, you may actually get all your rankings and all the traffic back to keep your original domain.


Whether we like it or not, negative SEO really exists and many people are doing it. To defend yourself, you have to fight back by transforming your site into a stature and authoritative one. Go ahead and fight for changes but don’t expect to recover from the negativity right away. Plan better, work better and be better.

About Francisco Leon:  Toronto SEO Consultant with more than 8 years of experience in SEO and SEM.