How To Perform a Backlink Audit

what-are-backlinksGone are the days where backlinks could not badly affect your website. But that all changed when Google implements algorithms that result thousands of pages to be penalized due to having bad backlink profiles. Some of these updates include the Panda and Penguin.

There are a lot of reports from web marketing forums and groups that a lot of websites have been impacted with the recent Panda and Penguin updates and there are companies that were getting help from digital companies to ask what are some of the things they can do to look at the impact and see what next steps to take in order to improve their traffic. That’s how backlinks auditing comes into play.


What is backlink audit?

Backlink audit usually involves an in-depth analysis regarding the resources and social signals that are linked with your main website. This allows you to check all elements like unnatural links, link building techniques and profiles. Furthermore, this analysis also provides accurate and straightforward information about your site’s current position in search engine results for specific keywords.

What it does is look at the number of backlinks that a website has in its portfolio and tries to look at those in the aggregate. In here you will discover that there are a lot of websites that have really good links that are pointing to one site. Sites that have outstanding page rankings, have really good pages and good domain authority. Sometimes, you will discover within the portfolio some websites that are questionable. For webmasters, entrepreneurs and marketers, these are some things that they really need to look at and expect with backlink audit.backlink

Backlink audits basically involve the following processes;

  • Assessing quality of backlinks through competitive analysis
  • Determining poisonous links from link farms and low quality directories
  • Keyword analysis of content regarding how Google interprets a website
  • Assessing website speed
  • Analyzing social sharing button to determine if your site has social media icons where people can easily share.
  • Analyze javascript test to check if your website content still appears while Javascript is off.
  • Analyze content audit to check site content’s meta descriptions, keywords, pages, title tags and other website attributions.
  • Links are the main contributors for successful website optimization and rank factors. Through link audits done by highly skilled and experienced website auditors, you can figure out the problem and come up with the best solutions as soon as possible.



How to audit website backlinks?

First of all, you want to look at the websites that are pointing to sites that don’t have cache pages any longer. These websites have been hit by the recent Google updates and they’re not passing any link to use to you at all. So the good news on that is, these sites don’t exist any longer so you don’t really need to do anything with them.

backlin-seoThe next thing that you want to do is a visual inspection of some of the websites that have a lower number of cache pages. You should look at those for commercial viability, for regular posted content and you also want to try to determine if there’s any social proof for social signals that these websites are passing. The essence of backlink portfolio is to determine which website really helping you and which website are really pulling your traffic down.

As you’re doing that backlink portfolio, another things to look at is the exact match or anchor text that you have with those links that are pointing back to you because one of the recent updates is actually looking at the percentage of those websites that are pointing to you as well as the exact keyword. So if you are over optimized, they’re may be pulling your traffic down as well.


Importance Of Backlink Audit

The quality of links you build for your website is more important than ever. Nowadays, many agencies provide backlink audit as an initial step when making a contract agreement with clients. Webmasters and internet marketers know the vitality of keeping up with the latest trends particularly with domains that are extremely affected by Google’s recent updates. If an update comes to a scene, website owners must have be alerted and take certain actions right away to the changes that terrorize the current search engine position of certain websites.

Yet, some companies particularly startups often overlook the significance of link audit due to lacking awareness and understanding about its major advantages for their business. But why do you really need a backlink audit for your website? What are the main reasons why your website needs a comprehensive backlink audit?

Read on and learn more…

  1. Resolve SEO issues right on the dot. Backlink audit helps you compare and take actions regarding certain activities that don’t contribute greatly to the performance of your web page. Through this evaluation, you will discover if you are lacking the essential elements and contents that your website needs. Additionally, you will be given information for duplicate contents, site speed and toxic links directing your domain.
  1. linksSpy on your competitors. This is the best way to determine your competitor’s strategies including the sources where they are performing well in. By this, you can be able to mimic their tactics to improve your own website search engine performance.
  1. Helps you plan better and focus on your best strategy. As soon as you identified the SEO issues and researched competitors link building strategies, you can now focus on how to come up with a better plan and implementation to improve your website.
  1. Conducting backlink audit to your site are crucial if you want to be certain that your web page keeps its relevancy and online reputation.

Now that you know the importance of backlink audit and haven’t implemented it yet for your site, might as well do it now. Cases such as website ranking dropped significantly and received manual penalty should have an audit be conducted right away. Keep the importance of backlink audit always in mind. Finally, select a plan that will categorize both off-site and on-site issues. The audit should be carried out occasionally depending on your website’s requirements and goals. Regardless of the size of your business, through patience, time and effort, conducting a backlink audit will improve your overall SEO score, further your rankings and returns.

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