How To Protect Your Website From Negative SEO

negative-seo-protect-your-site-140723014807-phpapp01-thumbnail-4Since the birth of digital marketing, online businesses, especially e-commerce websites, have invested more in various marketing strategies that can be done online.

In online marketing, search engine ranking is vital to succeed. This is why most businesses take Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing seriously as ever. It has become quite the norm with online businesses that want to last in the industry.

When dealing with SEO, it has to be remembered that it has two kinds. Positive SEO, which of course helps your business get better with ranking and overall online presence. This is what you need and what most websites actually pay for.

However, there is also the Negative SEO. These are links and tags that can do utmost harm to your business. This can happen to your website in an intentional cause, where competitors might be the culprit, but could also be just a glitch in search engines.

Google updates, as well as updates from other search engines, might also be the cause of negative SEO. There was a time when such updates resulted to the rank downfall of companies, including the bigger ones.

It can happen anytime, which is why online businesses and all websites should be vigilant in doing protective measures so it never destroys you.

Protect-Yourself-from-Hackers-and-MalwareWhere does Negative SEO come from?

  • When someone hacks your website.
  • Links that are fake, or redirect to a spammy website
  • Plagiarized content published on your website
  • Fake profiles on social media sites

Negative SEO is real. It can happen to any website. Now that the competition is stiffer than how it has always been, more and more hackers are getting paid to quash it by developing negative SEO. They use negative SEO to make ranks plummet down, which can pave the way for their websites to finally make it to the top. Even if we actually pay marketing professionals to get the job done for our companies, it is also vital to learn what to do with it ourselves.

How can we prevent it?

  • Know what negative SEO is. You have to know what it is to prevent it from destroying your company. In digital marketing, SEO is very much needed for it to work as effectively as you want it to. Negative SEO consists of backlinks to your website coming from spammy sites, and even porn sites. Literally, negative SEO is the types of SEO that can ruin your business’ reputation and make customers think negatively about your business.
  • Be careful in committing to other websites about link exchange. Before automatically thinking of a certain website as an ally, examine their website and their own statistics first. Check their ranking and how good their online presence is, before you trust them your own. Be careful, because several negative SEO incidents have been caused by certain companies intentionally putting them out there to white wash the competition. They use it as a way to get their rankings higher at the expense of another company.
  • Negative-SEO1Always check for duplicate content. In the world of Search Engine Optimization marketing, content is king. It is perhaps the main character, since most of search engine’s criteria in ranking depends on your website’s content. Make sure you only publish original content, and always cite the sources you used. Also, it is important to only use content relevant to what you are trying to sell, or what your business ideals are.
  • Protect your website from Malware and other viruses. Invest in a great internet security tool that can deter viruses and other harmful wares from your website. When you use a weak security tool, it will be so easy for hackers to invade your website and pester it with negative SEO. These hackers can place bad links on your website, as will viruses and Malware.
  • Use Google Webmaster email alerts. These are very useful when monitoring your website. It will promptly alert you when your website is hacked, when backlinks destroy your website, and all other web activities that needs immediate attention and action. You just have to enable some settings, and voila! You will be receiving alerts as often as you need to.
  • Make it a habit to use This is essential to be sure negative SEO from flawed backlinks will not pose danger to your website. Usually, negative SEO come from bad backlinks that are from spam or from untrusted sources. This tool will help you monitor all the backlinks related to your website.
  • Always check the links that directs web users to your site. You can also manually check them online, to be sure you do not miss a single link. One bad backlink can do a big harm to your website. It can be the reason your business is destroyed and be down the drain.

nseoUnfortunately, negative SEO is part of the very high technology we use to operate and grow our business. It is inevitable, as it can be done in a snap, but is also preventable. We can do our part in combatting it when it is on the verge of breaking our business, provided that we educate ourselves well on the ways we could do so.

When running a business online, knowing about how digital marketing works is imperative and a must. It is impossible to grow a business where we do not have an idea of what to do when worse comes to worst. When we are really focused on it, it is natural that we keep looking for ways to improve it more and more, hence, the research and asking around.

SEO marketing is now quite the norm when it comes to online businesses. It is how we are assured that we reach our target market, and are able to promote our items and services. With its success also comes its perils. Negative SEO is a part of it, it is a real threat; but the right information on how to fight it is enough to guard our businesses and websites from it.

You can research online, be updated on Google’s algorithm, and just monitor your website’s statistics to be on the right track. It also helps to know that when proven that a negative SEO incident has happened intentionally, the suspected culprit will get penalized.

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