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Children are like mirrors who reflect their parents. Understanding them might be tricky but not impossible. Time and understanding is all they expect from their parents. I have always been interested in psychology and art. Their connection has always been amazing and I wanted to try it through my practice and research. I wanted to dig into the world of moulding children in the right way through positive communication and support. Children are the future but many of the parents fail in providing them with the right type of environment. Sometimes parents use them as a way to pour out their negativity without realising that they may absorb it deeply. Parents expect from their children without asking or trying to know about their expectations. Why can't communication, understanding, expecting, acknowledging be two way? Negativity is spread so easily then why can't positivity be spread in the same way? Its easy to vent out our anger on our children but not easy to encourage them for the little things they do. Small encouragements are like big rewards for a child which help them in the long run. 

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