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Visual Ideas

Process for poster making

Process for the final outcome

For the final outcome I had to show a physical object which related to my research topic. So I started with looking for ideas for making book, booklets, flyers, infographic posters and many more. I reached at a final outcome which seemed perfect to my topic.

Idea 1

Physical object, a glass jar. Idea of keeping it at home or school and children write their worries anonymously and add in the jar. Whenever the jar has the notes, parent or teacher can read out the worry and find a solution. 

Idea 2

This uses polarized film to hide messages. To see the message you either have to look through a second piece of film, or put on a pair of polarized sunglasses. The idea was to create a message and hide some words in it to show how children have real thoughts hidden and hesitate to show them unless parents try to see.

Idea 3

Use of mirror and reflect a message. The idea was to keep a full length mirror and a board in front of the mirror. The board will have messages written in reverse order which when reflected in mirror can be read in the right order. So a person standing in front of the mirror can read the message reflected from the board to the mirror. 

Idea 4

Using notice boards. Notice boards are used to display important messages and here I display children's handwritten thoughts and drawings to show parents its importance.

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