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Freelance projects

Freelance works

Banner design for a company called Parent Power who provides workshops and guidance to new parents, job seekers, families. The workshops includes information about education, mental health, pregnancy, childcare and more.

Brief was to create a banner to display information for new parents and pregnant women.


Designed tote bags, magnets as a giveaway. 

PORTFOLIO IN PICS copy_Page_10.jpg

Logo design for the company Parent Power for their new programme.


Logo printed on t-shirts to promote the programme.

Banner design to promote employability programme.

PORTFOLIO IN PICS copy_Page_11.jpg
White Structure

Voluntary work to create ideas for a poster to advertise at a library about their IT buddies who are there to help people with digital issues.

Brief was to create a poster which had fewer words and easily understandable icons. To avoid from people getting bored of reading too many messages and not getting the actual meaning, a poster had to be created with less words.

I provided four ideas and we mix and matched the ideas to create one poster.

PORTFOLIO IN PICS copy_Page_12.jpg

Logo designs for the poster of IT buddy. Other names were suggested like Tech Buddy, IT Pal. Tried some figures, badges and ended up with a friendly buddy.

PORTFOLIO IN PICS copy_Page_13.jpg

Final poster with the icons, message, logo.

PORTFOLIO IN PICS copy_Page_14.jpg

Certificate designed for children's reading session award at a library. 

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